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Streamline your

Ensure your daily checklists get completed, fridge temperature get recorded, and quickly access all your recipes, suppliers and contacts, all in one easy to use app.

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Make sure nothing is missed

Easily manage your daily checklists. Create checklists that repeat every day or on specific days of the week, track their progress, and see who is completing them.

  • Track progress

  • Flag issues

  • Upload photos


Quick access to all of your recipes

Manage your recipes all in one place. Create recipes and add the important infomation that your staff need such as nutritional facts and allergens.

  • Step-by-step instructions

  • Allergen & nutritional info

  • Easily add photos


Flexible by design

Working in a dark bar? We've got you covered with a built in Night Mode.

Want to use your POS iPad? Easily set up a shop device with staff access pins.

  • Works on any tablet, phone or laptop

  • Supports shared on-site devices

  • Quickly switch to night mode

And many more features coming soon!

Suppliers & ordering

Documents & SOPs

Training & records

Staff scheduling

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